Charlize Theron, Halle Berry and Cameron Diaz: Models who've turned actress

Candice Bergen: With several different careers to her credit, modeling was one of them for this multiple Emmy winner for "Murphy Brown," seen most recently on Broadway in "The Best Man."

Ali MacGraw: Her movie output wasn't enormous, but "Love Story" alone was a hugely significant credit for her.

Cybill Shepherd: One of the most stunning transitions from model to actress was made by this "Moonlighting" star in her iconic screen debut, "The Last Picture Show."

Lauren Hutton: "American Gigolo" cemented her transition from someone who posed for the cameras into someone who truly acted for them.

Lois Chiles: Roles that relied largely on her beauty ( "The Way We Were," "Moonraker") led to her deeper acting ( "Broadcast News," "Say Anything ... .")

Brooke Shields: A novelty as an actress when she made "Pretty Baby" and "Endless Love," one of the most popular teen models ever became a seasoned comedy talent on television's "Friends" and "Suddenly Susan."

Andie MacDowell: "Four Weddings and a Funeral" was the real breakthrough for the beauty who's been seen lately on ABC Family's "Jane by Design" and has a Hallmark Channel series coming up.

Halle Berry: "Monster's Ball," and the Oscar she earned for it, are all the proof needed of her acting skills ... but a number of her other movies back it up.

Rebecca Romijn: The more acting she does -- even in ABC's short-lived "Eastwick" -- the more this former model shows her natural humor and appeal.

Cameron Diaz: As a teen model, she showed the spirit that has served her well over many films.

Charlize Theron: The Oscar she won for her "Monster" showed how seriously this former model takes her acting, as do her turns in " Snow White and the Huntsman" and "Prometheus."

Olga Kurylenko: After faring well with a moodiness in the James Bond caper "Quantum of Solace," she's proving her acting chops even more on the Starz series "Magic City."

Brooklyn Decker: It's still early for her as an actress, but her engaging humor in "Just Go With It" and her authority in "Battleship" indicate promise.
Photo/Video credit: NewsCom