'Chasing Life's' Italia Ricci: Leo kissing April offends her, as episode 7 will address

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italia-ricci-scott-michael-foster-chasing-life-cant-eat.jpg "Chasing Life" took April and Leo's relationship to ... not the "next level," but certainly to a new level on Tuesday's (July 15) episode, "Clear Minds, Full Lives, Can't Eat," when Leo kissed April while joyriding around town in a "borrowed" sports car. April didn't have time to address that gesture, however, because shortly thereafter Leo had a seizure and was hospitalized, where she found out his brain tumor is progressing and that he has only 3-4 months to live.

Star Italia Ricci tells Zap2it this is a wake-up call for Leo ... and that fans won't have to wait too long to find out what April is going to do about him.

"This episode just brings Leo to reality because he's been just the super-wealthy playboy who is charming and flies by the seat of his pants," says Ricci, "but actually he's human and this is why he is the way he is. You get to see more of him, you get a deeper understanding of his fundamental character."

"They'll address [the kiss] in episode 7," she adds. "[April is] offended, is the word. You'll see. I can't explain why, because it's a dead giveaway about episode 7.  He'll give a counter-argument to April, which is charming Leo. Then there will be a little more ... something. Not more kissing, but something."

So, have you decided if you're Team Leo or Team Dominic, fans? Ricci weighs in.

"When I read the episodes, I'm always Team Leo but then when I see them on TV, I'm always Team Dominic," says Ricci. "I think [Richard Brancatisano] is just so charming and he's just so lovable, but [Scott Michael Foster] is so fun. They're just so different. I know this is more of an HBO thing, but can April have both? [ laughs]."

Ricci adds that while April might not be thrilled about the Leo kiss, Ricci herself hopes the outtakes are featured in the gag reel.

"Can I please tell you how many outtakes there were because the seatbelt kept jamming? He would lean in and be like, 'I can't reach her!' over and over until I thought I was going to pee my pants. I hope after 10 episodes they release a gag reel. It is the most hilarious thing ever."

Ricci also says that April doesn't feel like she has to tell Dominic about Leo's kiss, which is just another thing Dominic now doesn't know about. But Dominic finding out about April's cancer is coming.

"He finds out when the rest of the world does, in April's eyes. Look at the way it's been set up, all he does is talk about how he doesn't like drama. What kind of bomb is that to drop to somebody at the beginning of a relationship?," says Ricci. "[April] does make mistakes in her decisions to tell him or not to tell him and she has to deal with those, it is addressed in a very, very brilliantly written couple of scenes."

When asked if her finally telling Dominic drives a wedge between them, Ricci teases, "There's a wedge driven between them before she tells him."

Intriguing. Could it possibly have to do with her fertility concerns brought up in this week's episode? Ricci is not confirming nor denying that, but she does say that in regards to her future fertility, April "explores her options."

"She definitely does her research. She's a journalist, so that's what she does," says Ricci. "She looks at what is available to her and what she can even afford. Knowing that you're making a decision that could prevent you from having children is a big deal to a woman, I would think. It is to me, anyway."

As we saw in tonight's episode, April's mom was adamantly against even telling April about the infertility risk, but Ricci says that Sarah and April come to an understanding after tonight's fight.

"It's been a total tornado of everybody trying to get what they want done done in April's life without giving her a say about her life," says April. "But after the blow-up, Sarah understands that April is a woman and it's her decision. Their opinions often differ, but she's more reserved about it. The tension still exists, but it's in a more compartmentalized way, where Sarah will only talk to grandma or someone else about it. She doesn't want to put more stress on April than she already has."

"Chasing Life" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.
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