Chelsea Handler's new sitcom fires three actors

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are-you-there-vodka-its-me-chelsea-nbc.jpgWe have to admit, we didn't totally love the pilot of Chelsea Handler's semi-autobiographical sitcom "Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea," so we're hoping that a major overhaul will improve the show.

TVLine reports that the NBC series has canned three actors -- nearly half its cast -- in a total revamp of the premise. "White Collar's" Natalie Morales is out, as is Angel Laketa Moore from "ER." In a rather awkward move, they've also ousted Jo Koy, a comedian and friend of Handler's, who has appeared on over 38 episodes of her show "Chelsea Lately."

Things are about to get tense around that Round Table of hers.

The characters are apparently in the process of being re-imagined... and re-cast. Still on board, of course, are "That '70s Show" star Laura Prepon as Chelsea Handler, and Chelsea Handler as her frumpy born-again older sister, Sloane.

Photo/Video credit: NBC