'Chonicles of Narnia': Lion cub named Aslan at Smithsonian Zoo

You don't need to wander into a magical wardrobe or pay the price of admission to meet Aslan.

One of the lion cubs at the Smithsonian Zoo in Washington, DC was named after the "Chronicles of Narnia" character in a special naming ceremony that included Georgie Henley (Lucy) and Skandar Keynes (Edmund) from the latest film "Voyage of the Dawn Treader," in theaters on Dec. 10.

In the book-to-film series, Aslan is a Christ-like figure, the King of the Beasts, wise, compassionate, mysterious and generally benevolent. So that's a big name for such  a little cub to live up to. We assume he'll be lording it over the other cubs in no time.

The actors reveal the cub. Awww!

georgie-henley-skandar-keynes-aslan-smithsonian-zoo-gi-500.jpgLuke watches the ceremony. He's had a big year. He fathered two litters of cubs -- seven cubs total --  this year with sister lionesses Shera and Nababiep.

luke-lion-smithsonian-zoo-gi-500.jpgAnd just because we can't help it, here are photos of one of the cubs taking the swim test in the moat in October.

lion-cub-swim-test-01-gi-500.jpg lion-cub-swim-test-02-gi-500.jpgWe're sure he'll learn to walk on water at some point.
Photo/Video credit: Washington Post, Fox-Walden, Getty Images