Chris Brown: D.A. wants to revoke probation in Rihanna assault case

Trouble may lie ahead for Chris Brown. Though there seemed to be good news following reports that he wouldn't be prosecuted following a hit-and-run in May, the rapper may not be out of the woods just yet.

According to TMZ, the Los Angeles County District Attorney has filed documents requesting that Brown's probation, stemming from the 2009 Rihanna beating, be revoked. The documents say the probation should be pulled due to charges connected with the incident, noting that Brown acted "willfully and unlawfully."

The documents also ask that Brown be taken into custody, which is a standard request. However, when the D.A. appears in court Monday afternoon (July 15), they won't ask for him to be hauled in.

As for the hit-and-run itself, Brown tweeted about it, of course. "I did everything I was suppose to do during the so called hit n run, I provided the correct info. There were no injuries or damages. C'mon!!" The driver of the car Chris hit reportedly does not want to pursue charges.

Brown's probation is currently under scrutiny after allegations that he lied about completing the community service he was sentenced to. Should his probation be revoked, he could face up to four years in prison.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images