Chris Evans, Vanessa Hudgens and more attend 'Captain America' premiere

"Captain America" and his super-friends took over Los Angeles on Tuesday, July 19, for the film's premiere. Chris Evans looked dapper in glasses and a pocket square while co-star Sebastian Stan looked hot while posing with a motorcycle. 

 Other Marvel stars who attended the premiere include Tony Stark himself Robert Downey Jr. (looking spiffy in purple), "Thor's" Chris Hemsworth, who posed with the film's star Hayley Atwell, and and Samuel L. Jackson. Those actors and Evans will next appears in "The Avengers."

Vanessa Hudgens showed off her  legs (and haircut) on the red carpet in a gold mini-dress. Hudgen's chopped off her hair for a role as a homeless teen in "Gimme Shelter." Actress Zoe Saldana also showed her support for "Captain America" at the premiere. 





Photo/Video credit: Getty Images