Christie Brinkley is Miley Cyrus for Celebrity Autobiography

christie-brinkley-grand-prix-hamptons.jpg Christie Brinkley's been one busy lady lately.

Last week, she appeared in a Celebrity Autobiography show alongside Brooke Shields, Ralph Macchio, Jennifer Tilly and more. Celebrity Autobiography is a comedy performance developed three years ago by Eugene Pack and Dayle Reyfel where a troupe of comedians/actors act out other stars' memoirs.

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In celebration of appearing on stage with Shields, Brinkley posted the video below on her Facebook page, writing, " I just performed with Brooke a couple days ago.... so I thought it was fun to revisit this oldie but goodie ...Brooke and me in a USO Bob Hope Show Sketch in 1982!"

She also writes that during the Autobiography production, she "got to play Miley Cyrus, Pamela Anderson and Ivanka!"

We would pay good money to watch Christie Brinkley play Miley Cyrus.

Meanwhile, over this past weekend, Brinkley also stepped out for the 38th Annual Hampton Classic Horse Show Grand Prix, donning a straw fedora and white dress with some kicky boots (pictured above). Oh, to look that good at 59. Wait, scratch that. Oh, to look that good now.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images