Christina Aguilera sings 'I Am a Good Girl' in latest 'Burlesque' clip

burlesque-christina-aguilera.jpgAfter trying to get the project off the ground for more than a decade, Christina Aguilera finally releases the full-length, theatrical version of the "Lady Marmalade" video on Nov. 25-- though you should be warned that Lil' Kim's part had to be recast with Stanley Tucci.

We're actually referring to "Burlesque," which once again finds the singer-turned-actress writhing around in a diamond-studded bodice, only this time she's rocking a much more subtle hairdo.

The latest clip (first spotted by Movieline and included after the jump) offers the full musical number for "I Am a Good Girl" and Stanley Tucci tossing in some circa "The Devil Wears Prada" wit. Lil' Kim really would have struggled with this material.