Christina Aguilera's naked 'Lotus' album cover looks like...

christina-aguilera-naked-lotus-album-cover.jpg Christina Aguilera revealed the official artwork for her new album, "Lotus," on her Twitter account, and it is very interesting, to say the least. The image features a naked Aguilera emerging from a lotus while long, white hair covers her breasts.

The cover is so bizarre it immediately brings to mind several other images. Here is a list of the things that Xtina reminds us of on the "Lotus" cover. Feel free to chip in your own in the comments.

1. Daenerys from "Game of Thrones"

daenerys-targaryen-picture.jpg 2. Saruman the White from "Lord of the Rings"

lotr-saruman-lotus.jpg 3. The photo shoot on "America's Next Top Model" last season where the girls all posed like they were captured in a perfume bottle

antm-perfume-bottle-lotus.jpg 4. Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" painting, but a weird, alternate-universe trashy version

botticelli-birth-venus.jpg 5. A tampon ad

What do you think Xtina's "Lotus" cover looks like?