'Christmas in Rockefeller Center': Mariah Carey gets funky on 'Joy to the World'

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mariah-carey-christmas-in-rockefeller-center-joy-to-the-world.jpgThe call to open "Christmas in Rockefeller Center" was to have diva Mariah Carey, no stranger to NBC's annual tree-lighting ceremony, stand behind some very enthusiastic child dancers and belt out a very funky version of "Joy to the World."

It was actually a mash-up of the classic non-secular carol and the classic Three Dog Night song "Joy to the World," which is not something one hears every day. We'll post video as soon as we have it.

But for now, here are a couple excellent GIFs of Mariah Carey doing her Mariah Carey thing on the rockingiest version of "Joy to the World" you'll ever hear.

Later, Carey took to the stage in a red bustier dress, white fur collar and black leather gloves (as one wears during the holidays) to sing her classic "All I Want For Christmas Is You" as the enthusiastic children danced like maniacs again. It was ... a lot. Video below.

mariah-carey-joy-to-the-world-christmas-rockefeller-center.gif christmas-in-rockefeller-mariah-carey.gif

Photo/Video credit: NBC