'Chuck' recap: A Gyro With Feta for the Girl They Call Greta

zachary-levi-02-chuck-320.jpgSo Agent Frost, a.k.a. Chuck's confusing mom, has not taken away the Intersect but merely put an emotional "rock" on top of it. After a month of testing -- during which Casey's a full-time Buy More employee slowly going insane -- they bring in the big guns: Ex-Navy comedian/total hotness Rob Riggle.

Despite the distracting neckbeard -- something even Morgan Grimes has learned to take care of -- Riggle still manages to look awesome as hell in a variety of outfits while subjecting Chuck to emotional abuses in Switzerland during a diamond auction-slash-villain convention that quickly turns into a huge mess.

Believing the titular Fear will be the one that pops Chuck's Intersect brain cherry, Riggle has gotten permission to take him on a mission without the rest of the team to hold his hand. So (besides the unending Ellie abuse) the Mommy arc was leading here the whole time: Without the Intersect, isn't Chuck just kind of... A guy?