'Chuck' Season 5 pics: Team Bartowski is dressed for success

chuck-cast-s5.jpgNBC is offering up the first look at Season 5 of "Chuck" in the form of some cast pictures, and a couple things strike us.

First, there's not a stitch of Buy More green in any of the photos, which is probably a relief to Adam Baldwin and Joshua Gomez. (The Buy More will still be part of the show, but we're guessing Casey and Morgan won't spend as much time on the sales floor.) And second, the team seems to take rather well to suiting up.

Oh, and also? Guns. Lots of guns in Castle. (See the first two pics below.)

The first batch of pictures focuses solely on the spy team -- Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Baldwin and Gomez -- so we'll have to wait to see new shots of Ellie ( Sarah Lancaster), Awesome ( Ryan McPartlin) and the rest of the Buy More crew.

Take a look at each of their individual pics, plus one of Chuck and Sarah in a classic prom pose:

zachary-levi-chuck-s5.jpg yvonne-strahovski-chuck-s5.jpg adam-baldwin-chuck-s5.jpg josh-gomez-chuck-s5.jpg zac-yvonne-chuck-s5.jpgThe fifth and final season of "Chuck" premieres on NBC Friday, Oct. 21.

Photo/Video credit: NBC