'Chuck': Strange things are afoot at the Buy More

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The A-story on "Chuck" Friday (Jan. 6) involves the return of Gertrude Verbanski ( Carrie-Anne Moss) and her relationship with Casey ( Adam Baldwin). But we're not here to talk about the A-story right now.

The clip up above involves Jeff ( Scott Krinsky), who is putting his recently de-addled brain to use by piecing together some of the odd happenings at the Buy More. Why, for example, is Casey in the store before his shift, and wearing a fancy sweater to boot? Why are Chuck ( Zachary Levi) and Sarah ( Yvonne Strahovski) always going into the home theater room?

Lester ( Vik Sahay) isn't much help, so Jeff decides to sort through things himself, using a rather low-tech method.

How close do you think Jeff will get to figuring things out? And if he does, will Chuck and the team find a way to turn him back into the old Jeff?
Photo/Video credit: NBC