'Chuck's' Josh Schwartz to remake U.K. hit 'Misfits'

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misfits1.jpgOh "Chuck" fans. We know how much you love the show and we know how much you're going to miss it after the upcoming final season. We're going to be crying into our Subway sandwiches too. But fear not! According to Vulture, series co-creator Josh Schwartz is planning on doing an American version of the British sci-fi series "Misfits."

Not familiar with the show? "Misfits" follows a group of delinquent youths doing community service who find themselves with super powers after an electrical storm. Fake Empire, the Warner Bros. TV production company that Schwartz runs with partner Stephanie Savage has finalized a deal for the rights. Schwartz will team up with U.K. "Misfits" creator Howard Overman to write a U.S. version of the show. "Misfits' has not only been a BAFTA award-winning hit on Britain's E4 network, but American audiences have flocked to it on Hulu. It's ranked among the site's most streamed series when it began running this past summer. In fact, Variety estimates more than 9 million views so far.

Super power shows are the new crime dramas, it seems and we couldn't be happier with this development. We're definitely interested to see how a show like this would have to be changed for American audiences. It's not exactly low on the controversy scale. Like MTV's "Skins," "Misfits" depicts realistic young adult behavior and the show isn't shy about nudity or swearing. After all the controversy about a show as tame as the recently canceled "The Playboy Club," one wonders how much this will be cleaned up for network TV. (No network has been announced yet.) One of the characters on the British version can send people into a sexual frenzy when they touch her skin. We're just saying, this seems like something the major networks would be afraid to touch in it's current form.

Schwartz and Overman have opted to go against tradition and write the pilot on spec instead of pitching to a network. This has become a trend recently. Keifer Sutherland's Fox drama "Touch," NBC's "Awake" and the CW's Sarah Michelle Gellar comeback "Ringer" all started this way.

We're thrilled to hear that Schwartz has a new project on the way and we're so excited to hear that his unique brand of wit and humor won't be lost to us. We're just hoping that "Misfits" will find a home that won't mean he has to censor himself or the things that made the show so popular in the first place. So, do you watch the British version of the show? Are you excited to see what Schwartz can do with it? Are you worried about how it will translate to network television? We'd love to hear what you think.

Photo/Video credit: E4