Cinderella vs. Prince William and Kate Middleton: Which royals wore it best?

cinderella-royals.jpgWe really would love to report that in one of the strangest coincidences or biggest inside jokes of the year, Prince William and his new wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate Middleton) actually wore outfits that closely resembled those worn by Disney's Cinderella and Prince Charming.

Not only that, but that Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice -- rather than haplessly wearing the ugliest dresses in the world -- were actually in on the joke and fashioned their universally panned ensembles to resemble Cinderella's ugly stepsisters.

Alas, that isn't the case. But it's still funny and that's why we'd like to give a hearty golf clap to the anonymous PhotoShopper who crafted the side-by-sides above comparing the real royals to the Disney characters. The photos made the Twitter rounds on Thursday (May 12).

There really is a striking resemblance -- until you remember that Cinderella was blonde and Prince Charming wore a dashing lemon yellow uniform instead of the red sported by Prince William. And, in the case of those stepsisters -- well, they weren't wearing the exact same colors as Fergie's tarted up girls. But, aside from that, the resemblance is rather uncanny.


Photo/Video credit: Twitter