Cindy McCain on Sarah Palin's presidential run: 'I'm for more women in politics'

cindy-meghan-mccain-2.jpg John McCain's wife Cindy McCain flew to LA from Phoenix Thursday (Oct 7) to join her daughter Meghan McCain, who was hosting Express and Elle magazine's 25 at 25 bash, celebrating 25 accomplished women on the mag's 25th anniversary in the new issue.

The Dish Rag chatted with Cindy, elegant in a white Escada pantsuit, how she felt about her husband's former running mate Sarah Palin  (whom many pundits blame for McCain's bitter loss in 2008) possibly running for president in 2012.

OK, so her reply is not exactly a ringing endorsement. But it is very politically polite. We could see Cindy voting for Sarah in a pig with lipstick's eye.

And because Cindy is a supporter of gay marriage and of the NOH8 organization, we wanted to know how she feels about the outcry over the suicides of gay teens, the result of bullying.