Claire Danes talks 'Homeland,' poses with Damian Lewis in Vogue

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"Homeland" won't premiere until September, but Carrie Mathison and Nick Brody have already reunited -- in Vogue, that is. Claire Danes is front and center in the latest issue of the magazine, and she and her "Homeland" costar Damian Lewis posed for a number of gorgeous shots from Annie Leibovitz.

The lengthy cover story about Danes chronicles her ascent to playing one of the most interesting heroines on television today. "I have a good chemistry with her," Danes says of Carrie. "We have a good time together. She is so much smarter than I am, and it's really fun to play someone that smart. She has this confidence, and she's also a wreck."

She continues, "When she was flying in the first season, I was looking forward to the depression, but then when I was in the depression I was like, No, no, I didn't mean this ... "

Playing Carrie is the challenge Danes has been wanting for a while, but she doesn't think the political content of "Homeland" has changed her as a person.

"I think growing up in New York in a very liberal environment, I confused jingoism with patriotism, and that mistake has been corrected as I've reconsidered what the potential cost of serving our country can be," Danes says. "But I don't think I've become more of a political beast."

Before she was on Showtime's latest greatest hit, Danes was known for her stunning work on "My So Called Life." She talks to Vogue about the other up-and-comers in Hollywood who she respects.

"I'm so impressed by Jennifer Lawrence and Carey Mulligan," she says. "They have this exquisite taste. They are very gifted in their ability to make great choices. I didn't have that rudder."

"Homeland" Season 3 premieres on Showtime on Sept. 29.




Photo/Video credit: Vogue