Clint Eastwood's chair unseats the Internet

eastwood-chair.jpgSocial media's reaction to Clint Eastwood's bizarre speech at the Republican National Convention, in which he addressed an empty chair as President Obama, was swift and merciless.

Within hours of the Hollywood icon's mystifying address, the chair had its own Twitter account (@InvisibleObama), verb ("Eastwooding," usually accompanied by a hand pointing to an empty chair), a Simpsons meme and countless trending hashtags.

#InsertChair, for example, spawned gems like these: "No chairs for Old Men"; "Chair: The Musical"; "Ask not what your chair can do for you, but what you can do for your chair"; "Open mouth, #insertchair; "I'm gonna wash that man right outta my chair"; "Medichair"; and this tribute to the late Neil Armstrong, "One small step for chair. One giant leap for chairkind."

Even the sitting president himself offered a rebuttal:


star-trek-chair.jpg What do you think of the Twitterverse's response to Chair Gate? Hilarious or in poor taste?