Clown porn joins the list of 'O.C.'-approved fetishes

Willaholland_theoc_s4_240[The following blog post contains discussion of a frank sexual nature not appropriate for young children. Sheltering young children from the material in said blog post will just make things worse.]

The Stop Clown Porn Now website hasn't been updated in nearly six years, which suggests something very dangerous: The worthy organizers of the site are under the impression that the scourge of Clown Porn has been entirely wiped out, that their job is done. However, is it a sign of progress when Clown Porn can be the subject of laughter on a show as popular with young viewers as The O.C.? Or is it a sign that today's young people are so comfortable with the sexualization of painted up punchinellos, of hot, hot harlequins that they've been desensitized to the erotic possibilities of men or women with funny wigs and ball-noses? Is this what YouTube and MySpace have done to the kids of America? Desensitized them to clown porn? If that is the case, the kids are most certainly not alright.

In Thursday (Feb. 8) night's episode of The O.C., young Kaitlin (herself made the subject of impure thoughts by repeated bikinied exposure) believes that the best way to dissuade her mother from continuing a relationship with a former convict (and father to her deceased sister's ex-lover) is to impress upon her mother that the potential beau finds clowns more randy than ribald, that he has very unusual ideas about pies-in-the-face. But is her mother horrified? No. She's just one part amused and two parts bemused. She isn't prepared to condemn her lover for his untoward desires to make her an object of both lust and hilarity. Given time, in fact, we are led to suspect that Julie Cooper -- herself a former star in amateur adult entertainment -- might be willing to get carnal with Clarabell or get randy with Ronald McDonald.

And this came just weeks after The O.C. gave a much less tacit endorsement of a differently troubling fetish by dressing several attractive young women up as groundhogs, producing the season's most TiVoed moment among Furry Fanatics [citation pending].

So The O.C. is happy with parading hotties around as rodents and its characters are willing to look past an affinity for clown porn as relationship poison. Where does it stop? This week's episode ended with a horrible shaking of the camera meant to represent an earthquake. As the closing credits came up, viewers were left in some doubt as to whether all of the beloved characters were going to live or die. But leave it to Josh Schwartz and the show's other producers to test the perv waters further. After all, what do they have to lose?

As Friday Night Lights has already sufficiently covered the topic of quad porn this season, can we expect to see Rachel Bilson or Autumn Reeser go legless for the show's remaining episodes to cater to aficionados of amputee porn? Will Ryan be attended to by some naughty naughty nurses? Will Seth be shocked to discover, a la Crash (the good David Cronenberg/J.G. Ballard one, not the offensively perverse one that got the Oscar last year), that the rending of metal and ripping of leather has a positive effect on his libido? But why leave out fans who groove on piercings or hoop skirts or armpits or robots?

When will it stop, I ask you?


Highlights of Thursday's show:

  • Autumnreeser_theoc_s4_240_6Another stellar episode for Reeser. It wasn't just that Drunk Taylor was spectacularly funny. Brokehearted Taylor, after receiving a dictionary from the man she hoped love her was properly touching. And her rant to the postal worker was a winner.
  • The return of Jose Zuniga's Spitzy and the first appearance of Spitzy's horrifying Newpsie wife who still goes to Tri-Delt rush and loves tequila poppers.
  • Willa Holland also got to show some fine vulnerability and her prison rape mockery of Hercules Atwood ending with "Really, why don't you guys just install soap dispensers?" as a solution to soap dropping was darned funny.

    Some lowlights:

  • I've lost all sense of where the Seth-Summer relationship is and the "Why don't you make a film?" challenge was out-of-left-field.
  • The "Ryan has concerns about whether he wants his girlfriend to come to Berkeley with him" plot may have seemed familiar, but only if you actually remember Sadie from last season.
  • I don't want anybody to have been smushed by the earthquake. Hopefully Ryan's dad Hercules will just use his super-strength to save everybody.

    So, what were your thoughts on the episode? And on clown porn in general?