Comic-Con 2012: Warner Bros. brings 'Vampire Diaries' and more to free outdoor event

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big-bang-theory-comic-con-cbs.jpgCouldn't get tickets to Comic-Con 2012? It might be worth your while to travel to San Diego anyway. Warner Bros. announced that it has teamed up with "Extra" for a free outdoor festival in Bayfront Park, near the convention center, that will bring stars from shows like " The Vampire Diaries," "Fringe," "The Big Bang Theory" and more to fans who couldn't get into the Con.

From July 12 to 14, Bayfront Park will host stars from the aforementioned shows, all six Batmobiles (!!!), and a demo of the new "Lord of the Rings" video game.

"Everyone at Warner Bros. Television approaches Comic-Con as a fan-first experience. It's in our DNA, with everything we do -- from panels to signings to our bags, posters and more -- carefully curated with our fans in mind," says Warner Bros. TV Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Gregorian in a statement.

She continues: "With the Extra at Comic-Con space, we have created a free and fun outdoor entertainment destination for fans. In addition to having all the Batmobiles on display and game demos, we will be hosting interviews throughout the day on the Extra stage, as well as evening and night events such as screenings and live comedy and musical performances after the convention floor closes for the day. It's additive to the experience of being at the Con."

Will you hit up the Warner Bros. stage even if you're not going to Comic-Con? Or will you just add it to your Con schedule?
Photo/Video credit: CBS