Comic-Con 2014 bags: Ranking the SDCC designs

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The 2014 San Diego Comic-Con is once again handing out commemorative bags to all attendees. Each of the bags will feature a design from a Warner Bros. TV title -- everything from "Supernatural" to "Gotham" -- with one exception: One design depicts the San Diego Convention Center itself.

As anyone who has ever attended Comic-Con knows, however, not all bags are created equal. Some unlucky fans will get stuck with an undesirable design, thereby dooming those people to four days of hopeful bartering.

This handy list should give you an idea of which bags everyone will want this year. Ranked from least to most desirable, here are the 13 bags of Comic-Con 2014! And if you disagree, vote in the poll at the end of the article.

comic-con-bag-wb-the-following.jpg 13. 'The Following'
It's not the most exciting design and it's the least "Comic-Con" title of the lot. Kevin Bacon fans will be thrilled, but everyone else is likely to want a trade.

comic-con-bag-wb-teen-titans-go.jpg 12. 'Teen Titans Go!'
Again, this one is mostly for the fans. Bright colors and a fun design help, but buzzy new shows are way more desirable.

comic-con-bag-wb-izombie.jpg11. 'iZombie'
The combination of a show that doesn't premiere until the winter of 2015 and a design that features someone eating brains makes this a rather particular taste. Cool, but maybe not for everyone.

comic-con-bag-wb-the-originals.jpg10. 'The Originals'
Nothing against "The Originals" -- this just isn't an eye-catching design.

comic-con-bag-wb-batman-tv.jpg9. 'Batman' -- classic TV series
Retro desire is fully on-display here. Years later, the original "Batman" series is still beloved -- but the design here may be overshadowed by the "Batman 75" design also appearing at SDCC.

comic-con-bag-wb-mike-tyson-mysteries.jpg8. 'Mike Tyson Mysteries'
Out of sheer curiosity and strangeness, some are likely to want this bag above all others. The rest, however, aren't likely to want a cartoon Mike Tyson.

comic-con-bag-wb-constantine.jpg7. 'Constantine'
"Hellblazer" fans are going to want this one in advance of the "Constantine" premiere. Dark back-lighting and hints of demons make it fun for almost anyone.

comic-con-bag-wb-vampire-diaries.jpg6. 'The Vampire Diaries'
Sexy as always, "The Vampire Diaries" always has plenty of fans at Comic-Con -- and you can bet they'll all want this bag.

comic-con-bag-wb-arrow.jpg5. 'Arrow'
"Arrow" is another big show in San Diego. Is the giant close-up of Oliver Queen too much? Were it to show those abs, "Arrow" may get the number-one spot. As it is, the design gets stuck in 4th place.

comic-con-bag-wb-the-flash.jpg4. 'The Flash'
A minimalist and attractive design combine with one of 2014's buzziest new shows will make "The Flash" the bag to grab.

comic-con-bag-wb-supernatural.jpg3. 'Supernatural'
You don't want to fight a "Supernatural" fan for this bag. Not only is the design great, but it also features the beloved Winchesters and some of the tools of their trade.

comic-con-bag-wb-gotham.jpg2. 'Gotham'
Going along with the big "Batman" theme prevalent on these bags, "Gotham" displays the dark mystery of what could be the biggest show of 2014-2015.

comic-con-bag-wb-batman-75.jpg1. 'Batman' 75th anniversary
Nostalgia reigns supreme for the number-1 pick. For "Batman" to reach 75 is a big deal, and it's important to remember the "Comic" part of Comic-Con. This could be **the collector's item of the event.

Photo/Video credit: Warner Bros.