Comic-Con 2014: Stephen Amell shows off his abs at the Warner Bros. TV panel -- photos

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Stephen Amell has a very nice chest. The "Arrow" star proved this during the Warner Brothers TV panel at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday (July 26). Photos from the event prove just how excellent these abs really are.

Why did Amell lift his shirt to show just how ripped Oliver Queen really is? The incident came after a fan question indicated an interest in seeing the muscles. Right after that, Amell's "Arrow" co-star John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn) loudly seconded the idea. You can see his arms raised in a cheer in the wider shot of the moment.

Even those not excited by the site of Amell's body were distracted by it. An audience question right afterwards was directed at "Constantine" star Matt Ryan -- the actor required a minute to recover before he could answer, distracted by the abs as he was.

comic-con-2014-warner-bros-stephen-amell-abs.jpgOther highlights of the panel included the airing of the "Gotham," "Flash" and "Constantine" pilots, as well as the announcement that Ra's al Ghul would be the main villain of "Arrow" Season 3.

But it may have been Amell's abs that stole the show.