Comic-Con: 'The Middleman's' last stand

Huge laughs this morning for the cast of ABC Family's "brilliant-but-canceled" series, "The Middleman," who reunited to do a table reading of the "lost" 13th episode, which was never filmed, but is being released as a comic book this month.

It is, in fact, a series finale. And a satisfying one, based on the enthused crowd reaction in Room 6A which was packed full. 

Hmm, wonder if "Secret Life of the American Teenager" could fill an entire Comic-Con convention room with fans... 

Executive producer Javier Grillo-Marxuach greets the audience and is met with rousing applause.

Stars Natalie Morales (Wendy) and Matt Keeslar (The Middleman) handled the complicated dialogue with ease, quite impressive actually.

Brendan Hines looks serious, but he hammed it up for the crowd more than a couple times. Cute.

Brit Morgan (Lacey) and Natalie Morales are mid-scene.

Mark Sheppard (Manservant Neville) is an audience favorite.

Matt Keeslar and Mary Pat Gleason (Ida) laugh it up over their lines...

Will you run out to purchase the comic?