'Community' canceled at NBC after five seasons and no movie

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community-canceled.JPGThe improbable five-season run for "Community" has come to an end: NBC says it has canceled the cult comedy.

Fans of the show have long had "Six seasons and a movie" as their rallying cry -- after a line Abed (Danny Pudi) spoke in Season 2 -- and were hoping against hope that it would become a reality. Creator Dan Harmon has said that if the show were to get a sixth season, he would do everything he could to produce a film as well.

Alas, it looks like that won't happen. That the show made it this far -- through several years of declining ratings, Harmon's firing after Season 3, a disjointed Season 4 and his return for what turned out to be the final season -- is a minor miracle in TV-business terms.

With the cancellation, though, "Community" immediately becomes the frontrunner in the "Will Netflix/Amazon/someone else pick it up?" speculation sweepstakes.

Photo/Video credit: NBC