'Community' first look at the 'Pulp fiction' episode: Say 'Royale with cheese'!

The "Pulp Fiction" episode of "Community" airs March 24 and we've been really excited to see how Jeff ( Joel McHale) pulls off a surprise birthday party for Abed ( Danny Pudi), who's typically aware of everything that's going down at the school. And in true Greendale fashion, we hear Jeff's plans don't go off without a few hitches.

We've already shared a first look photo from the episode, but NBC just released a few more. 

Check them out below:

From left, Shirley ( Yvette Nicole Brown) as Jules, Britta ( Gillian Jacobs) as Mia, Chang ( Ken Jeong) as Butch, and Annie ( Alison Brie) as Yolanda.

Troy ( Donald Glover) as Ringo.

Pierce ( Chevy Chase) as "The Gimp," which is as frightening as it is hilarious.

That leaves Jeff as John Travolta's Vincent, no?
Photo/Video credit: NBC