'Community' season finale first look: Behind the scenes of apocalyptic Greendale

You didn't think we'd spend a whole day on the set of NBC's "Community" season finale and not take a few photos of "Apocalyptic Greendale" as Danny Pudi, who plays Abed, likes to describe it.

He's not kidding. It looks like an earthquake struck in the middle of a riotous party. The series is revisiting last season's "Modern Warfare" episode and its raging paintball war. Sadly, guest star, "Lost" star  Josh Holloway, wasn't on set. He shot his scenes last week.

The walls are covered with paint splatters, which are still wet (and we have the ruined shirt to prove it). The set design team went all out and we think you'll be impressed. Also, everyone is decked out in their western costume best (though we hear that at least one other cult movie/ genre will also get a nod in the finale).

Take a look at some of the behind the scenes photos we took during our visit:

Abed is armed and hilarious.

Shirley stays faithful to God and community college.

Sher-Jeff Winger ( Joel McHale) leads a strategy meeting. Troy ( Donald Glover) has his guns blazing and it looks like he's got two pistols, too.

The library has seen better days.

The two-part season finale airs back-to-back for one hour on Thursday, May 12 on NBC.

Are you excited for the epic season finale?

[Editor's note: While Zap2it had full permission to post the images in the original version of this article, two images have been removed by request of the show's production. ]
Photo/Video credit: Jethro Nededog, Zap2it