'Community' Season 5: Jim the Duck comics really exist

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Audiences got their first clear look at Jim the Duck in the "Community" Season 5 episode, "Introduction to Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality." Drawn by Professor Buzz Hickey ( Jonathan Banks), Jim's comics feature the bird in frustrating situations. And publishers are interested!

Of course, Jim the Duck has flown free of the confines of TV and also exists on the Internet. Thanks to a Twitter account and a Tumblr, fans (and publishers) can read and enjoy all of Jim's misadventures.

If you recall from a couple of "Community" episodes this season, Professor Hickey is a cartoonist in his spare time. His favorite creation is a duck named Jim who has bad things happen to him. Unfortunately, Jim's bill is often a little too pointed. What the hell?

In "Introduction to Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality," Abed ( Danny Pudi) noted that Hickey's comics were lacking in character and emotion. Is Abed right? You can now see for yourself.

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Photo/Video credit: NBC, Tumblr