'Community' goes to Yahoo: Predicting more cult-show revivals and where they'll land

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cult-show-revivals.jpgThe news that "Community" is headed to Yahoo for a sixth season delighted fans of the now un-canceled series -- and also set off a round of jokey speculation on social media about which other cult-favorite series might be next in the revival line.

Wonder no more: Zap2it has exclusive* info on several more deals in the making. Be prepared to have your streaming socks knocked off.

(*Exclusive, because we made it up. Just having a little fun here.)

'Freaks and Geeks': Google

freaks-and-geeks-saved.gifJust to one-up its Silicon Valley rival.

'Parks and Recreation': Alta Vista

parks-and-rec-saved.gifPawnee's leading search engine is in talks with producers about a Season 8 following the show's final run on NBC.

'Firefly': Whedonesque.com


'Enlisted': GoArmy.com

enlisted-saved.gifThe Army could do a lot worse than to have the goofy but dedicated Hill brothers as its public face.

'Pushing Daisies': Etsy

pushing-daisies-saved.gifSo. Much. Preciousness.

'The Wire': NSA.gov

wire-nsa.gifThey were already listening anyway.

' Happy Endings': Tumblr

happy-endings-saved.gifIn a groundbreaking deal, Season 4 of the show will be presented exclusively as a series of GIFs.

'Swingtown': Ashley Madison

swingtown-saved.gifBecause swingers.

'Matlock': AARP.org

matlock-simpsons-aarp.gifAbe Simpson will be happy too.

'Trophy Wife': SeekingArrangement.com

trophy-wife-saved.gifGross, but if it would bring this unjustly canceled show back ...

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