'Community': Six seasons and a movie posters - 'Friday the 13th,' 'The Social Network' and more

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"Community" Season 5 has ended, and no one really knows what the chances are for a Season 6 renewal. That may be why production company Sony has been putting out movie-themed "Community" renewal posters all week.

With references to everything from "The Social Network" to "The Fifth Element" to "Cast Away" to "The Magnificent 7" and "Friday the 13th," these posters are almost as insanely funny as the show itself.

The fun began on Monday (April 21), when the "Community" cast tweeted "Social Network"-inspired posters featuring their own faces. Nathan Fillion -- a former guest star and vocal supporter of "Community" -- followed suit on Tuesday (April 22), posting a "Fifth Element" poster for the comedy.

News outlets got in on the fun starting on Wednesday (April 23), when TV Guide posted a "Cast Away" poster. The Wrap followed on Thursday (April 24) with "The Magnificent 7," and IGN finished up the week with "Friday the 13th."

Clever and funny to even the most casual of "Community" fans, some of the posters include special treats for the diehards. In the "Friday the 13th"-inspired poster, for example, the silhouetted Human Being clutches a handful of purple pens ("Cooperative Calligraphy"), and the date itself comes from a tongue-in-cheek announcement made when NBC delayed airing Season 4 (which was supposed to begin on Oct. 19). Similarly, the "Fifth Element" poster references Season 3's "Virtual Systems Analysis."

Will the posters help get "Community" its fabled six seasons and a movie? It's hard to say, but at least they make an excellent case as to why the gang at Greendale should stick around a little longer.

Check out the various posters below:

community-six-seasons-and-a-movie-sony-social-network-shirley.jpg community-six-seasons-and-a-movie-sony-fifth-element.jpg community-six-seasons-and-a-movie-sony-cast-away.jpg community-six-seasons-and-a-movie-sony-magnificent-7.jpg community-six-seasons-and-a-movie-sony-friday-the-13th.jpg

Photo/Video credit: Sony