'Community's' Donald Glover and Danny Pudi throw a raging fan party

The next time we see an open invite from NBC's "Community" stars, Donald Glover and Danny Pudi to party with them, work be damned. We're going.

On Wednesday (Feb. 23) night, Glover tweeted, "Me and [Danny Pudi] are at Agave on Vermont in LA. Open bar for an hour (for my fans) starting...NOW!"

Yes, we didn't make it over, but there were certainly plenty of fans who did. So, what happens when you hang out with Glover and Pudi? To our delight, Twitter was made for these kind of things. There was general frolic, a botched deal to get siblings to make out, and the actors reached new heights in bar-dom.

"@MrDonaldGlover offered me fifty bucks to make out with my brother. Not enough...," tweeted one fan in attendance.

To which Glover replied, "Hey! I said $100. I'm not a creep."

Here are a few more of our favorite tweets from the party:

"Got @DannyPudi and @MrDonaldGlover to climb up the ladder, fun night galore." - Melissa Molina


"So yeah, Donald Glover climbing the bar." - tweeted  Sarah Sprague, who also blogged about the night.


And there's this one of Pudi flexing his dancing muscle courtesy of Damon Houx


Who else wishes they were there?
Photo/Video credit: NBC; Twitter