Conan O'Brien addresses Leno, NBC rumors on 'Tonight Show'

It's Conan's turn to weigh in on the rumors swirling about NBC's late night programming.

We've seen Jay Leno's take on the late night shuffle and Craig Ferguson took a few shots from over on "The Late Late Show" on CBS. Now it's Conan's turn.

Just for the record -- we think both Conan and Leno certainly have their moments of being funny, so a buddy cop drama called "Coco and The Chin" is absolutely something we would tune in to watch. Maybe NBC can put it in the 10 p.m. slot when "The Jay Leno Show" moves back to 11:30 p.m!

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Jay Leno weighs in on late night rumors
Craig Ferguson takes a few shots at NBC's mess
Rumors say 'Jay Leno Show' is done. NBC says nope.

Photo credit: NBC