Conan O'Brien spoofs Tom Cruise rumors with 'wife auditions' video

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conan-obrien-wife-liza-powel-gi.jpgTom Cruise's attorney and the Church of Scientology may be denying Vanity Fair's report that the Church "auditioned" possible girlfriends for Cruise, but Conan O'Brien is proudly admitting that's exactly how he found his wife.

A taped skit for O'Brien's TBS talk show "Conan," shows the host interviewing multiple contenders for the "job" and asking them ridiculous questions like "What kind of kisser do you like?" and "Can you do a Ray Romano impression?"

Obviously, he's joking, and that's his real wife of 10 years, Liza Powel, pictured above. But watch the skit below and tell us what you think: Funny or not funny?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images