Conan O'Brien to rent Burbank set; Tenant to enjoy '25,000 square feet of musty warehouse space'

conan-stage-airbnb.jpgAre you looking for spacious accommodations in average suburban hamlet of Burbank, CA? If so, "Conan" might have just what you're looking for.

The TBS late night talk show is renting out their set for three days in Oct. The show will tape the lucky tenant and use the material during the show.

The posting on highlights some features of the rental property, "Sleeping accommodations include a celebrity-rubbed sleeper sofa and additional air mattress (needs repair). Linens provided, but recommend bringing your own for undisclosed reasons ... Includes use of 40 ton industrial air conditioning system ... fully stocked kitchenette with intern. Shower must be shared with guest bands. Free Wi-Fi."

A spokesperson for the show tells the Burbank Leader this is actually a real offer, unlike Conan O'Brien's previous forays into ecommerce. In 2010, he attempted to sell the "The Tonight Show" set on Craigslist. Then he posted an ad for himself in the "Casual Encounters" section of popular website.

Here are some other pictures of what the occupant will receive...

conan-set-airbnb.jpgNotice the lovely planter arrangements and the hardwood flooring.

conan-couch-airbnb.jpgFamous people have sat on this couch, thereby increasing its appeal.

conan-mattress-airbnb.jpgThis deflated air mattress appears to be a taken from a dumpster behind the nearby Big Boy.
Photo/Video credit: airbnb