Conan O'Brien, Wil Wheaton, Cory Monteith: TV Tweets of the past 24 hours

conan-obrien-320.jpgThe wild, weird and insane television tweets of the past 24 hours...

(Note: Every now and then, something sorta newsworthy might slip in here too... not often though)

Coco prepares to take The New Directions kids down... Is he worse than Sue Sylvester?: @ConanOBrien: I got to sign the Radio City signature book next to the Glee cast. Now I can forge all their signatures on checks.
TV's Wil Wheaton might be smoking a little somethin' somethin' this evening: @wilw: I just realized that WTF is just FTW backwards. Think about that for a minute, Internet, and ponder its deeper meaning.
Kevin McHale converses with his "Glee" costar, Cory Monteith: @druiddude: @frankenteen:
besides faulty Internet, how's Budapest?! ..imma need some twit pics. Holler
And Monteith channels his inner-Artie in response: @frankenteen: @druiddude:
best believe ya'll gon get sum sik wit it twit pics yo! ...sorry, what the hell did i just say!? Artie's still rubbing off on me.
We'd love to know what one of the greatest American actors of all time thinks of Ali and "The Bachelorette" contestants. Maybe Jesse Tyler Ferguson ("Modern Family") will update us tomorrow...: @jessetyler:
Something I was not expecting Al Pacino to say: "So last night I was watching The Bachelorette..."
Here's to hoping "Modern Family" co-creator Steve Levitan didn't bust out any embarrassing dance moves: @SteveLevitan: Went to see Steve Jobs speak at D8 tonight. Beyond impressive. A true visionary. I felt like Phil Dunphy.

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Photo credit: NBC