Conan O'Brien's Facebook live blog: Wifi works in the bathroom

lb3_0.jpgWhile plenty of talk show hosts have taken to live-tweeting their shows, Conan O'Brien is always one to break the mold -- and on Tuesday, he live-Facebooked his show. Thanks, Mark Zuckerberg!

O'Brien's highly insightful messages kept us posted on all the behind-the-scenes details, including the status of his wifi signal in the toilet. Thanks, Conan.

While he may have betrayed his loyal Twitter followers -- "Sorry, Twitter. I'm going to be unfaithful to you tonight," he confessed - the stunt certainly proved to boost his Facebook following.

His first 10 minutes of status updates can be found below. For the full transcript - it's long - check out the Team Coco site.

11:00 - Tonight's episode title is based on a true story. - Conan
11:00 - My Pre-show ritual: Sip some water, clear my throat, adjust "the boys" and walk out. - Conan
11:01 - I just tore my crotch with that jump. - Conan
11:02 - Any excuse to touch another man - Conan
11:03 - My apologies to any real giants out there for my bigotry - Conan
11:03 - I am a dancing chimp. - Conan
11:04 - Finally, someone brave enough to make a Charlie Sheen joke. - Conan
11:04 - That shot of Andy was unnecessary. - Conan
11:05 - Finally, someone with the courage to make a marijuana joke. - Conan
11:06 - Finally, someone with the courage to go after Communist China. - Conan
11:06 - That dog track joke was 65% autobiographical - Conan
11:07 - Finally, someone with the courage to go after the Jersey Shore cast. - Conan
11:07 - I hate myself for that joke - Conan
11:07 - Giant just gave a "thumbs up" to an anal joke. No comment. - Conan
11:08 - Suck on those special effects, Industrial Light & Magic! - Conan
11:09 - Just so you know, I clear all my Kirstie Alley jokes with Kirstie first. It's a professional courtesy. - Conan
11:09 - I'm very concerned about this baby's penis - Conan
11:10 - I'm very concerned about Andy's penis. - Conan
11:10 - I didn't see a wire pulling a dummy. Did you? - Conan
11:10 - That Andy dummy looks fake, but not as fake as the real Andy. - Conan

Photo/Video credit: Conan/TBS