Connor Cruise's first major film role is 'Red Dawn' remake with Chris Hemsworth

connor-cruise-getty.jpgThe "Red Dawn" remake, shot in 2009 and finally seeing the light of day Nov. 21, 2012, features some big Hollywood names before they were really stars -- Chris Hemsworth of "The Avengers" and Josh Hutcherson of "The Hunger Games."

But it also features an up-and-comer you may have heard of: Connor Cruise, son of now-divorced Hollywood A-listers Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Connor plays the role of Daryl, member of the Wolverine resistance group and played by Darren Dalton in the 1984 original.

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Director Dan Bradley tells Bang Showbiz of Connor ( via The National Ledger), "Connor is a really cool kid. When you look at his upbringing and how it's been different than so many people, he is very well-rounded, grounded, extremely smart, physically - just great at all sports."

"You can see where he gets that from - his dad. Connor, like me, loved the action stuff," Bradley continues. "Any time there were explosions or gunfire or whatever, he and I were two of the most excited people on the set. That was pretty cool, to have somebody that shared my enthusiasm for explosions."

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