'Cougar Town' celebrates Halloween with Ken Jenkins

ken-jenkins-cougar-town.jpg "Cougar Town" welcomes "Scrubs" alumnus Ken Jenkins for its Halloween episode. He's playing Jules' ( Courteney Cox) dad, and apparently he has a proclivity for bear suits.

Jules and her dad aren't as close as she would like, so she decides to go all-in to celebrate his favorite holiday (which is, you guessed it, Halloween). No surprise that she'd choose a princess outfit, but we're really digging the costumes the other characters choose.

Ellie ( Christa Miller) and Laurie ( Busy Philipps), for instance, appear to be dressing up as each other:

ellie-laurie-cougar-town-halloween.jpgAndy ( Ian Gomez), meanwhile, makes a pretty convincing Burt Reynolds.

andy-cougar-town-halloween.jpgABC didn't post any clear shots of Grayson ( Josh Hopkins) in costume, but based on the shot of him in the shadows below, he's going as Prince. A very tall, tiny-eyed Prince.

cougar-town-halloween-bar.jpgOur favorite, though? Bobby ( Brian Van Holt) as either a guy in a windstorm or a weather reporter on the scene of a hurricane.

bobby-cougar-town-halloween.jpg"Cougar Town's" Halloween episode airs Wednesday, Oct. 27.

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Photo credits: ABC