'Cougar Town' preview: Andy is off his Penny Can game

ian-gomez-ct-penny-can.jpgMost of ABC's comedy lineup is in repeats Wednesday night (Jan. 26) -- but not "Cougar Town," which presents a new episode that finds the cul-de-sac crew engaging in its favorite pastime.

Or maybe second-favorite pastime, as there is no red wine present in either of the two clips below. We speak of Penny Can, which is a joy to watch but apparently a huge pain to shoot: "Every director on the show hates directing Penny Can scenes because ... you can't say 'action.' They literally play the entire time," co-creator Bill Lawrence says.

So while we feel director Michael McDonald's pain over the first clip, which features Ellie ( Christa Miller) joining the guys for a game and Andy ( Ian Gomez) going through a Penny Can slump, we're happy to see its return after an absence of a few episodes.

Clip No. 2, meanwhile, features a meta moment as Barb ( Carolyn Hennessey) confronts Jules ( Courteney Cox) about her decidedly un-cougar-ish ways of late. Jules explains that she's not that kind of girl anymore, but she's bummed people still see her that way: "What do I have to do," she asks, "change my name?"

The episode, which airs at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC, also features Jules inventing a new game when the gang's movie night gets disrupted and Bobby ( Brian Van Holt) introducing everyone to his new friend Sam (guest star Anne Leighton).

Photo/Video credit: ABC