'Cougar Town' preview: Courteney Cox directs Laurie and Travis' 'epic brunch'

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Tuesday's (Feb. 25) episode of "Cougar Town" marks Courteney Cox's eighth time in the director's chair and, this time around, she's directed herself a doozy of an episode, if the preview is to be believed.

Not only does Andy try and prove he can be a fun dad, but Tom finds out Ellie's darkest secret (tread lightly, Tom!) and Laurie and Trav try and throw the ultimate brunch to prove to Jules and Grayson that they're a strong couple. Oh, and did we mention Jules' hair starts on fire?

Talk about dedication on Cox's end: Starring in, directing, lighting your own hair on fire. That's quite a laundry list.

Check out the preview above and be sure to tune in for Cox's "Cougar Town" directorial efforts on Tuesday, Feb. 25 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TBS.
Photo/Video credit: TBS