'Cougar Town': Watch a 10-minute preview of the new season

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Bill Lawrence on WhoSay

We should warn you that a couple of significant story points about Season 3 of "Cougar Town" get spoiled into oblivion in the video above.

But considering the video -- a 10-minute compilation of funny bits from the coming season -- comes from one of the show's co-creators, Bill Lawrence, we're guessing that's not a problem. Skip over the next paragraph if you really, really don't want to know.

Lawrence posted the clip reel to his WhoSay page as part of his and co-creator Kevin Biegel's guerrilla marketing on behalf of Season 3, which premieres Feb. 14. The biggest reveal (albeit one already kind of spoiled by ABC's promo people) is Grayson's ( Josh Hopkins) proposal to Jules ( Courteney Cox), and there are allusions to another story about Grayson having fathered a child with another woman.

More important for Lawrence, though, is re-acquainting fans with the vibe of the show and its collection of charming goofballs, and, he hopes, getting those people to show a few others what "Cougar Town" is about -- which is to say, nothing at all what its albatross of a title might imply.

Plus, it opens with a Jules-specific version of the Morning Routine Song and features a "Road House" reference, Travis ( Dan Byrd) in a step show and lots of other funny stuff. Hit play and enjoy; "Cougar Town" returns at 8:30 p.m. ET on Valentine's Day.
Photo/Video credit: Bill Lawrence/WhoSay