Courtney Love set to tell all in handy memoir format

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courtney-love-gi.jpg Courtney Love is finally ready to dish about a bunch of things, including but not limited to: her upbringing, that chaotic marriage to late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, drug use and -- we assume -- her fractured relationship with daughter Frances Bean.

And it's about time because, really, she's just been so close-mouthed about it all until now. Unless you happen to have read any number of interviews with Love or followed any of her Twitter incarnations -- where she sometimes seems to post her 140-characters or less messages 24/7.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Love is collaborating with author Anthony Bozza -- who co-wrote "Slash" and Tommy Lee's "Tommy Land" -- on a book set for a fall 2012 release.

A statement from publisher William-Morrow says the erstwhile actress and always interesting Hole frontwoman is ready to "set the record straight."

Maybe she's over Twitter -- or Twitter defamation lawsuits? 
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images