Courtney Stodden goes brunette, prepares with creepy selfies

Courtney Stodden looks like an entirely new woman. Granted, that woman still looks pretty scary, but what can you do? The teen bride, who recently announced she was leaving her husband Doug Hutchison, has said goodbye to her bleached blonde locks, opting instead for a new brunette look.

Stodden debuted the hair Thursday (Dec. 12) at the Wowie Awards, where she was for some reason given a Lifetime Achievement award. It might be entertaining to find out what those supposed "achievements" are. "Lately I've been a little bit of a daredevil, and I'm trying to enter into the next chapter of my life," she tells Us Weekly. That new chapter comes after an appearance on "Celebrity Big Brother U.K.," which Courtney has pointed to as the beginning of the end of her marriage.

Before committing to being a brunette, Stodden shared a few selfies on Twitter, wearing a dark wig. As with most pictures of the 19-year-old, Courtney seems to have confused looking sexy with looking creepy. Check those out below:

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, Twitter