Courtney Stodden kicked out of pumpkin patch for dressing like Courtney Stodden

stodden-pumpkin-fb.jpg17-going-on-45-year-old Courtney Stodden and husband Doug Hutchison were booted from an L.A. pumpkin patch over the weekend when other visitors complained about their overly amorous behavior, RadarOnline is reporting.

If that wasn't enough to draw complaints of the other pumpkin hunters, Stodden is seen wearing extremely Daisy Duke shorts, white thigh-high boots and a shirt that covers just enough of her top not to get arrested for public indecency.

After Stodden and Hutchison were ousted from the patch, they, along with what must have been a professional photographer, posed for photos. This allowed them to grope, canoodle and writhe in front of a bunch of unsuspecting pumpkins.

Photo/Video credit: Facebook