Courtney Stodden launches new website! Spells her own name wrong!

courtney-stodden-website-3.jpgIt isn't easy being teen bride Courtney Stodden. What with all the scrutiny the 17-year-old drew by marrying "Lost" bit-part actor Doug Hutchison, 51, and the pressure to launch innovative trends like floor flashing, it's got to be hard to keep up with every single detail of her burgeoning entertainment empire.

Which is why she shouldn't be faulted for misspelling her own last name on the title bar of her newly-launched official website (see above).

stodden-pumpkin-3.jpgAccording to a press release, the new site will showcase Stodden's "never-before-seen photos, videos, up-to-the-minute news flashes [ not to be confused with floor flashes. -- Eds.], press releases, blogs, networking, a boutique and exclusives."

Hey, they didn't promise tautly edited text.

Interested parties can also pay $39.99 for an autographed poster of Stodden in a bikini and access to her most "provocative pics." And -- we save the best for last -- members will be eligible to win complimentary passes to Courtney's 18th birthday bash in August.

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