Courtney Stodden on her wardrobe: 'I personally love bathing suits...anytime of the year'

courtneybathing.gif Courtney Stodden is as far from a shrinking violet as one can possibly be. The teen bride paraded around a pumpkin patch with just enough to keep from getting arrested. Then she went on TV to prove to a plastic surgeon and America that she's all natural.

Well, in her never ending attempt to get a reality show for her and her 51-year-old hubby Doug Hutchison, Stodden took some time to review her wardrobe choices with Fox News.

She says of her swimsuit collection, "I personally love bathing suits... anytime of the year - Rain, snow or shine! This specific swimsuit, to me, gives off a autumn/fall vibe. Bikinis are so much fun - You can mix & match, create & look great, no matter the season!"

The couple caused quite the hubbub earlier in the year when they married despite their 34-year age difference, not to mention that she was 16 at the time.

Since then, Stodden's received quite the notoriety and has even earned her place among Twitter's most interesting commentators with posts like, "Sexily stepping my saucy-self into a shining spritz of showering serenity as sapid smaze rises from my shape & unto the sultry seeing-glass."

Here's more from her clothing collection with what she says of each outfit.

courtney-stodden-cs.jpg Seamless tanks/dresses are my favorite! I especially love pairing seamless tanks with sexy forming blue jeans. It's easy to wear, shows off my shape nicely and it still exudes that 'provocative edge.'

courtneypinkdress.jpg A pink sundress is a must have! I personally love playing up the 'Barbie' look. When I throw on this baby doll, slip into some stiletto sandals & dazzle myself in some feminine accessories, I feel sweet & sassy!

courtneygoldress.gif This look, for me, makes me feel like I am dripping with nothing but pure gold. When I slip myself into this dress, I feel confident, rich and radiant.

courtneycostume.gif When I am feeling the need to take control of a spicy situation &/or be daringly dominant... I crack the whip in this vigorous police getup! There is no other feeling than putting yourself in a policewoman's shoes.

I enjoyed flaunting my figure in Pamela Anderson's iconic 'Baywatch' look. It's quite sexy - of course - but this look also radiates a certain unique quality that allows sportiness to play a major factor.

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