'Covert Affairs': Annie goes to Venice in the opening of Season 2.5

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When we last saw Annie Walker on "Covert Affairs," she was revealing her secret life as a CIA operative to her sister -- and it didn't go well.

Things between Annie ( Piper Perabo) and sister Danielle ( Anne Dudek) haven't thawed much as the show returns to USA Tuesday night (Nov. 1), but work is still keeping her on her toes -- as you can see in the opening few minutes of Season 2.5's premiere, "The Wake-Up Bomb."

Annie is in Venice (the show traveled to Italy for some location shooting), marking time until she finally hears from her contact. Things go sideways, though, and we're treated to a pretty nice chase scene through the alleys, canals and squares of the ancient city.

Back in the States, Annie is stewing over the Venice mission -- and enforced downtime on the orders of Joan ( Kari Matchett) -- when she meets a handsome chef (guest star Santiago Cabrera) who has ties to Basque separatists. As you might expect, it soon turns into more than just a meet-cute. That clip is at the end of the post.

"Covert Affairs" returns to USA at 10 p.m. ET Tuesday. Take a look at Annie and her new chef friend:

Photo/Video credit: USA