'Covert Affairs' Piper Perabo own fashion sense influences Annie Walker's

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"Covert Affairs" costume designer Trysha Bakker says dressing Piper Perabo, who plays CIA agent Annie Walker, is her favorite part of working on the USA Network series.

"She is an absolute pleasure to dress," Bakker tells Zap2it. "She has a fit body and looks great in everything, so that's one of the things that is really neat. I get really excited about getting ready for a fitting with her."

Bakker shops for Perabo everywhere from Gap and Banana Republic to Gucci and Prada.

"She is really into fashion, and she really gets the character, so we really love working on her character and how Annie would look in all these scenes," she says. "I'll read the script, and we'll decide whether she is going to be in something like a skirt suit as opposed to a pantsuit because she has a takedown. What we try to do is give a feminine take on a strong character."

Here are some great examples:

"This is her iconic Annie look. She looks so good in white and poppy red. She can wear a lot of colors. She's so beautiful. I think she's got on a pair of nude Louboutins in a slingback and really straight stovepipe pants. The blouse is Theory. I like to do a pop of strong color in everything we put on her."

"This is her more casual look for when she is doing something on her own. If she is working, she is wearing a suit or a pencil skirt -- we don't do a lot of pants in the office unless it's a stunt day. This is a casual day, and she's in fresh white Paige jeans and a Splendid top."

"This is when she was in Venice, and this was a big stunt day. She had to be compact -- she was leaping over buildings, and everything had to be really trim on her. It's Burberry, which I use a lot of because it's sharp with a very trim arm and body. She looks really good in that. She is wearing Rich & Skinny jeans and a Gap T-shirt. It's nice to mix it up and not have everything high end. The scarf is Marc Jacobs. We thought a lot about the boots because she needed a supertread to take off and jump. They are Prada boots we have used a lot. They are very snug at the ankle so they stay on."

"That lovely little Prada dress is from this year's collection. It's a tank dress, a classic Prada they made again this year. It's when she was in Paris. That's also a Prada sweater. Her shoes are Stuart Weitzman. They are a nude straw."

"Here she is wearing a Club Monaco T-shirt that is a burnout fabric, a jean jacket that is Diesel, Rich & Skinny jeans and Rag & Bone boots. Rag & Bone is just great. Their designs and boots are fantastic and work really well on her. It's an up-and-coming company. It's more affordable."

"That dress is an ikat print dress, and it's by a company called Cool Change. Her straw bag is by Michael Kors, and she is wearing the same Stuart Weitzman straw sandals."
Photo/Video credit: USA