'Criminal Minds' gets creepy with 'Uncanny Valley' pics

Thanks to "30 Rock" we will forevermore associate the term "uncanny valley" -- that point where robots or 3-D animation gets a little "too" real and causes humans to be repulsed rather than attracted -- with Tracy's porn video game.

That association makes these pics from "Criminal Minds" upcoming episode "The Uncanny Valley" even more disturbing.

criminal-minds-uncanny-valley-1.jpgIn the episode that airs Wednesday, Jan. 13 a woman abducts four women and turns them into her real-life doll collection.

criminal-minds-uncanny-valley-2.jpgIf the storyline sounds familiar, you may have seen the "Dollhouse" episode where a man abducted women, shot them full of paralytics and posed them as mannequins.

This is a thing?

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Photo credit: CBS