Critics' Choice Awards 2013 worst dressed: Elle Fanning, Famke Janssen and more

worst-dressed-critics-choice-awards-2013.jpgAwards season must be exhausting for women. They can't just slap on a tux and call it a day. And sometimes the fashions they choose miss the mark, like these women from the 2013 Movie Critics' Choice Awards.

Above, we have (from left) actresses Leslie Mann, Katie Aselton of "The League" and Kara Hayward of "Moonrise Kingdom." These aren't complete trainwreck dresses, but they definitely are not our favorites. The pattern on Aselton's dress is particularly offensive.

Below, we have (from left) actresses Famke Janssen, Ann Dowd and Elle Fanning. Now, we love Elle Fanning here at Zap2it, but what on earth was she thinking? The shoes really make it (in an awful way).

Which one is your choice for worst dressed?


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images