Critics' Choice Television Awards 2014 worst dressed: Kat Graham, Kaley Cuoco and more

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critics-choice-awards-2014-worst-dressed-michelle-monaghan-kat-graham-kaley-cuoco.jpgLadies opting for pants on the red carpet? Great choice. It's a sophisticated and cool look -- most of the time. Not at the 2014 Critics' Choice Television Awards, though, because there were a whole lot of ill-fitting pants situations on otherwise lovely-looking ladies.

"The Vampire Diaries" star Kat Graham's broken mirror suit was edgy and weird. Sure, she's always made some slightly off-the-wall fashion choices. But usually her garments fit! Not at the Critics' Choice Awards -- it looked like she forgot to take the pants to the tailor, or the hem fell out, or something. It's a wonder she didn't trip over them.

"True Detective" star Michelle Monaghan and "The Big Bang Theory" star Kaley Cuoco Sweeting don't have that ill-fitting excuse, however. Monaghan looked perfect -- garment color, makeup and accessories -- except for the strange peplum situation happening on the pants.

And Cuoco was going for the cool blazer-over-dress thing -- except instead of a skirt, she wore those awful drop-crotch pants that make you look like you pooped yourself. Dear everyone: Those pants do not look good on literally anyone, not even incredibly attractive TV actresses. Please stop.

critics-choice-awards-2014-worst-dressed-melissa-mcbride-laura-prepon.jpg "The Walking Dead" star Melissa McBride too went for the jacket-over-dress situation, except she apparently used an old tablecloth to make a jacket to put over a gorgeous ball gown. "Orange Is the New Black" star Prepon looked great, hair-and-makeup-wise, except for those strange circus tent pleats at the bottom of her ill-fitting gown.

Who do you think was the worst dressed at the 2014 Critics Choice Awards?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images